17 April 2007


Fresh off the needles!

62 stitches & 2x2 rib, size 2 needles
Lang Supersoxx stripes. colour #6351.

The stripes in these were totally confusing - I love how they turned out but I could see no rhyme or reason to the sequence of the colours. I'm not complaining - I totally dig on these. I just wish there were more than 2 pink stripes per socks.

With each newly knit pair of socks I've been forcing myself to toss one pair of "bad" socks. Socks made acrylic, usually with some 'cutsie' pattern on them. This time I think it will be the army green socks with shadows of horses on them. Remember when shadows of horses were the shit? Even cooler than wolves or fawns?


Chrissy said...

Your socks look great!
PS. I think we have the exact same floor!

Angela said...

I hadn't even realized that your strip-y socks were the same colourway. It's so interesting how they knit up.

A local yarn shop had a buy one - get one deal, so now I'm the proud owner or two strip-y balls of super soxx.


PS. As for your 'bits'...if you're not using, I'd be happy to adopt.

PPS. I've added your blog to mine...much easier than clicking my way through the GTA ring.