11 June 2011


Very! Important! Blog! Entry!

The first time Gord was diagnosed with Leukemia it was a shock. The second time he was diagnosed it wasn't so much shocking as it was unfair. We were angry! Why was this happening to us *again*? Right when things were getting so good, right when our little family was about to begin?

I felt foolish for not thinking for even a second that he could relapse. Of course he could.

When we met with his Dr, he told us that this time his best chance for long term survival without relapse was a Bone Marrow Transplant. His brother & sister were tested but unfortunately were not matches. Gord's been dutifully going through chemo, but he was starting to question why and what if it didn't work? To be honest, spirits were dropping a little around here.

Then last week....!

Last week he got a call from his oncologists office saying they have found a match(!!!!) It is still very early stages & he doesn't meet with the transplant team until July, but for sure this has pumped some air back in his tires. He is thrilled, I am thrilled. Transplants come with their own lovely list of complications & I know it will be tough, but what this means is that there is a good chance he will be around for years & years & (hopefully) years to enjoy our family.

Which is great because lately, he & Frankie have become total BFFs...

Now, how did they find Gordie a match? Through a mega huge database of possible donors. Wonderful people who have taken the time (approx 2 minutes) to put themselves in the registry. Want to be one of those wonderful people? If you are Canadian, check out onematch. For our American neighbours, visit be the match.

You will get a swab kit mailed to you & the it is as easy as...

swabby swab here
and a shwabber here...
And then a swabberino over here...
And then one last swab-a-lab-a-ding-dong over here...
Stick them in the slots (honestly, this was the hardest part)
And then mail 'er off!
Hopefully one day I'll get the call & I can pay it forward.


(FYI - I changed the comment settings on my blog, I think some people were having trouble - should be right as rain now!)


avrilloreti said...

NICOLE!!!! This is Fantastic news! I'm going to order a kit for Frank and I from onematch right now! I'm going to bed with the biggest smile tonight! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is fantastic news! I am so happy for you! John has actually already done the onematch test and I am going to order one for myself! Good luck with everything!!!
--Lisa Major

Julia said...

Awesome! (comment is late, but better than never?) Come visit us work ladies soon!