08 July 2007

For some annoying reason, blogger won't let me type in a title for this entry. That's fine since I didn't really have a clever name.

This weekend my friend Peter & I took the Casino bus to visit our friends Naomi & Ryan in Orillia! It was TONS of fun!

Mostly we cooed & awwed over Lucy, their amazing pug:
we even put her winter coat on so we could take pictures. She wasn't very happy about that.
We ate incredibly delicious food:
This was last night's desert - homemade Shortcake, with Strawberry Salsa & whipped cream on top. Dinner was amazing sauteed vegetables with freshly made mushroom ravioli! AAAHH! I think it was the *napkins matched to the colours of the food* that made everything extra tasty!

We jammed!
der ner ner ner!!!!
par-rum-pa-pa-pum! ba-dum-bum-bum-dum
Peter not only plays a Guitar Hero on PSP, he's actually a Guitar Hero IRL! I played the drums for the first time ever! I wasn't very good, but I had lots of fun!

I had the cutest guest bedroom set-up ever!

This quilt was amazing! All white, with handquilted circles all over it!

so cute! and Cozy!

Naomi & Ryan have made a beautiful home, it was like a mini vacation. The only time I brought out the pointy sticks & string was on the bus. I managed to get the leg of a sock done, but I didn't take any photos of it. I did take almost 100 pictures of Lucy - she's cuter than any sock could ever be.


Sarah and Jack said...

Stupid Blogger, I had the same issue yesterday. I had to click on the title space furiously for like 5 minutes!LOL

(Also, it does not seem to be remembering my user name today. Grr.)

Cat said...

That dog is the cutest! And I am normally *not* a pug-lover at all. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

pamela wynne said...


Funessa said...

I love how in the first photo there's someone in the background ALSO taking a photo of Lucy. Too funny.

Ah, that I will have a guest bedroom like that some day....... how inviting.