31 July 2007

cottaging, take 2.

I had a lovely weekend away! G-unit & I went to a cottage with his family in Fenelon Falls where I did lots of swimming & lounging about & drinking...

I carried the watermelon.

I started the buddy to a lone sock I had finished a while ago while we were driving up there, a plain & simple sock using some DGB confetti sock yarn that was sent to me in a swap.
You know you've found the right one for you when they point out a quaint wool shop & even turn around so you can go in & see what's what. For the record, Ferguson's Wool in Myrtle Station is a cute shop with tons of great sock yarn. I bought some tofutsies & some lana grossa Cotton Maya. YUM!

My knitting had fallen out of my bag without me noticing, on the way back to the car I had a bit of a mindfreak when I spotted it on top of this trash bin. MINDFREAK!

I kept the knitting to a minimum while at the cottage, but still managed to get quite a lot done. On the way back I reached the toe.

Ingenious wool holder?

And this morning I sewed up the toe!

This photo shoot was almost painful it's so. hot. SOHOT!

And in Thermal land I've hit a snag. I finished the neckband & giddily put it on to discover...

The neckband is far too tight. One of the things that drew me to this sweater was the scoopy neck. I guess I didn't pick up enough stitches because the band on mine is sort of pulling everything in - and the neckline hits at a weird place. I'm going to have to rip it out & try again.


spirals said...

hahahaha dirty dancing made me who i am today... just kidding... but man did i watch that movie alot wheni was a kid...

thanks for the laugh!

oh and i love your socks!

Miss Muffy said...

Want another mindfreak?

I think I saw you and yer man on Queen West the other day - he was sporting a Jon Spencer T? By the time I figured out why you looked familiar, it was too late to freak you out in person. Don't put it past me. One day I'll inevitably run into you and you'll have some crazy redhead all up in your face; "OMIGODITSYOUYOURENICOLEHEYAWESOMEWETOTALLYHAVETOBEBESTFRIENDS!!!"
How's that for a mindfreak? Take that Chris Angel!