03 July 2007

summer summer summer

I was wondering if I should just declare summer holiday from blogging. I’m knitting and sewing lots, but I just don’t know what to say about any of it. Maybe it’s because for the last couple of weeks I’ve been knitting endless rounds of waffle stitch. (on size 2 needles…fingering weight yarn...308 stitches per round…if ever there was good incentive to lose a couple of inches round the ole tummy, this is it)

To break up the monotony, I started 2 other projects – both surprise gifts, so I can’t really go blabbing on about them since I’m pretty sure both of these people drop by my blog now & then.
I considered teasing you with the secret projects like some bloggers do – giving you up-close detail shots & promising more when it was done & in the hands of the recipient, but my camera sucks balls at close-up shots. A blurry shot of the delicious Fleece Artist Suri Blue I’m currently seeking respite with wouldn’t do much to show how absolutely beautiful this yarn is. When I first brought it home, I sat on the couch with the skein pushed up against my face, breathing in the Great Eastern.

I’ve also been spending a good amount of my time on ravelry – hiking up my knit-nerd quotient just a little bit higher. I’ve decided that my next sweater project will be the Demi sweater from Rowan Vintage Knits. I ordered the book from Amazon (it came last Friday) and I ordered my yarn from Elan (along with Nancy Bush’s “Folk Socks” book. I’m expecting it today - note to those waiting to get into ravelry – it’s a mother-freaking enabler!) After I emerge from the land of endless waffle, I’ll be stepping into the township of cables and bobbles. I have to do a little adjusting since the largest size in the book is 40” – I’ll need to add a couple of inches to the width so that the sweater is attractively roomy instead of uncomfortably snug.

I may also cast on for “On the Road to Golden” from the new KnitScene magazine. This sweater is gorgeous & I have a stack of Romini gift certificates burning a hole in my pocket. I think it’d be best to select the yarn for this in person since there’s a bunch of colours involved & I don’t want to take any chances ordering it online.

And socks. I was recently given Interweave’s ‘Favourite Socks’ book (hooorahhh!) by my awesome BFF, Tim. I’ve already chosen which socks will be next. I’ve knit the retro rib socks, but there are 24 more to go & I like all of them. While I’m on the subject of Tim, I’d like to hand out this bit of life advice – get yourself a friend in publishing. Seriously. My knitting library wouldn’t be half of what it is today if not for my dear friend T-gain. I love him to bits, but the fact that he can get me Interweave books, (AND a signed copy of Tim Gunn’s book!) Vogue Knitting books, and does it without me asking makes his little halo shine all the more brighter.

Consider this an update. Posts throughout the summer will most likely be sporadic. I may not show my face again until my Thermal resembles a real live sweater. Right now I’m 14” into the body, ready to make the placket! And the one sleeve I carry around with me is about 6” long. Chug chug chug.

In the meantime, don’t forget your SPF and eat lots of local fruits & veggies!


Simon said...

I just rearranged (read: attempted to give even the vaguest sense of order to) my interweb favourites, and couldn't figure out exactly where to put yours. Political Blogs and Military History didn't seem quite right, so Punk Rock it is. With Metal as the next choice.

rahime said...

Losing weight so there's less to knit? I didn't think of it that way - my major motivation is to be able to spend less on yarn (bc I need fewer skeins for a smaller size, not because I actually want less yarn in general!). Not that I've achieved that, but that's the fantasy!

I'll miss it if you don't update. Hearing about the process is fun too, it doesn't all have to be FOs!

Miss Muffy said...

Nooo! Keep posting! Soon, I'm going to be all alone here in the blogosphere. I'm still on the waiting list for Ravelry. I feel like I'm dateless for the prom. Waaah!