22 June 2007


I've been knitting Thermal pretty much all week & this is what I have to show for it:

2 inches of 1x1 twisted rib & 2 inches of the waffle stitch pattern. I'm really crushing on this thing though - I think about it all the time, I count the minutes until it's back in my hands, and at night when I close my eyes to sleep I swear I can still feel it's cushy fabric. I'm so glad I'm using the Elann baby Cashmere for this - OMGITSSOSOFTICOULDDIEINIT! It occurred to me though - what sort of maniac finishes a grey adult man's sweater & then starts an adult woman's sweater knit on size 2 needles with fingering weight yarn in.....grey? Thankfully the alpaca, merino, cashmere blend makes up for the fact that I'm swimming in a big grey sea.

In hopes of making this go a tiny bit faster, I thought I'd cast on for a sleeve & carry that around in my bag for sporadic ttc, park, restaurant, dancehall etc. knitting. To do this, I needed to free up my favourite size 2 dpns which were in use. Remember the Fleece Artist merino? I had started knitting a simple sock with cables down each side for Gord (I've knit this guy a sweater & about 4 pairs of socks now...I must like him an awful lot) but it was inching along - amazing how much faster you knit when you want the needles for a totally different project.

This colourway is awesome! When I bought it, I thought that the acid green & blue bits would be more prominent, but I like how it's turned out. I let Gord know that the second sock will be along in about 2 months, when I'm done the Thermal sleeves.


Miss Muffy said...

I am also a gray manica (grayniac?). I'm desperately trying to finish a gray jacket so I can cast on a gray vest. Gray's hot, baby!

Miss Muffy said...

Oops, that's "maniac". What kind of maniac spells maniac manica?

Miss13 said...

Wow you are really plowing through the sweater! Love the colorway on the sock, Gord sure is a lucky fella ^_^
Happy Monday Lady :)