12 June 2007

oh happy day.

A really super great day!

I wore a new skirt I made!
Pattern drafted by me, totally copied from a denim skirt I wear all. the. time. For those who are wondering, yes there is a waistband on this :) And the zipper is yellow! I was on warp speed & made this in about an hour & a half.

I got these totally adorable Keds for half price!

Gord phoned me at work to tell me he scored *TWELVE* pieces of Fiesta Ware at some crazy CBC prop sale. Just the boost my aspiring Fiesta Ware collection needed!

So far so good, right?

Yeah, well then it got even better. I got my invitation to Ravelry & so far I am really, really loving the site. It's so....cozy! And full of knitters! I can tell it's going to be a mega time-sucker-upper.

And then when I got home, there was this lovely postcard waiting for me. A friend I really should get in touch with wrote me to say they were thinking of me.



Funessa said...

Shut up! How come everyone has an invite to Ravelry but me??? I cannot wait for it! (Even though I just found out about it last week... so I really can't talk.)

pamela wynne said...

Someday I will be skilled enough to whip up a fabulous hour-and-a-half skirt. And someday I will have a real collection of Fiesta Ware, instead of a couple of sad single pieces. In the meantime, I have you! :)

Miss13 said...

Gosh I admire you.
skills, and thank goodness a sweet wonderful guy who scouts out Fiestaware.
I actually dreamt about walking to a belgian restaurant with you and Gord last night in search of beer and a meal LOL. It was such a lovely time ! Love the sweater, the skirt & the booties - damn girl your hands must be moving 24-7!!!

MyUtopia said...

Very cute!!

Miss Muffy said...

Stop being so freakin' good at stuff already! You're making the rest of us look bad! (*note to self: must get Dan Clowes postcards)

Funessa said...

Woot woot! I just got my Ravelry invite today! What's your username?