17 June 2007

Working for the weekend.

About a week or so ago, I ordered a bunch of Elann's 'Baby Cashmere' so I could start a new project - "Thermal" from Knitty winter '06. Luckily, I got it in the mail mere minutes before I left to go to a friend's cottage for the weekend. I threw a couple of balls of the stuff into my bag with some needles & the pattern & off we went for some serious chillaxing in the Kawarthas.

I cast on in the car (308 stitches, size 2 needles, fingering weight yarn...yipes) & began the 1x1 twisted rib. I've mentioned before how much I dislike 1x1 rib - but add twisted knit stitches to that & watch my chin quiver. About an hour & a half later, I had only knit about 5 rows, but I was pretty pleased with it - so I stowed it away so I could get back to it the next day.

There were bigger & better things to do...like cast on some beer!

Lots of beer. And my friend Dave made a giant pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea so everyone proceeded to get royally crunk. I'd post some pictures, but hilariously enough, out of the 50 or so I took that night, the only one that was clear was the initial photo of the beer fridge. All the others sort of look like this:

The next morning after breakfast & lots of coffee & Gatorade I sat on the deck chatting with friends, answering lots of "what are you knitting?" questions by holding up my measly 5 rows of tiny ribbing. "A sweater". "Oh......awesome?"

What wasn't awesome was when I laid flat my (by now) 2 hours of work & noticed that my stitches were twisted.


I swear I totally checked to make sure my stitches weren't twisted. After lots of swears & trying to explain my mistake to non-knitters, I asked the cottage gnome to wish me luck & tore all my work out to start again.

By the time I had cast on all those stitches my interest in knitting was pretty much reduced to nil, so I painted my nails, read some magazines, sang some karaoke and drank some more beers.

All my photos from there-on-in look sort of like this:

That's our fire? I guess?

The next day was home time, so after our visit to the Whetung Gallery & the Antique Barn (where I bought some cute pyrex mixing bowls & an awesome FireKing bowl) I sat in the backseat trying to get back the ribbing I had ripped out. I guess I should mention that I err... well, I actually ended up twisting the stitches AGAIN (GAWD! MissMuffy take note: see? I'm not so great!) but I shamefully "fixed" it by retwisting a stitch. I just didn't have it in my poor little heart to rip it out again. Now I am a little more than half done with the ribbing & very optimistic.


Funessa said...

Oh no!!!!!!!! That sucks!!! Funny photos though. I love the one where you're flicking it off.... and the beer fridge. (Jealous!)

Initially I was just going to say "Just twist it back!" but then I realized you were 5 rows in already. :( So I'm glad you just retwisted it when they were twisted the second time. No one will ever know. Sorry you've had so many false starts though. That is *frustrating*.

vanessa said...

haha i love your photo flipping your knitting the bird! i also twisted my hourglass sweater twice but i ended up giving up. just as well because that yarn became my awesome bombshell sweater!

rahime said...

Yes! I love the picture of you giving your knitting the finger! I'm going to store that image in my head for the next time my knitting *#$%@ me over...

Miss Muffy said...

Strange... I think I've been to a lot of those blurry locales.