03 June 2007

all projects big & small

My allergies have been totally kicking my ass all weekend so if this entry is garbled & confusing, lets blame it on all the drugs I'm on.

It was a busy weekend! I spent a lot of it in my sewing room working on a dress. It's almost done, but I'm taking my time with it, so I didn't want to rush completing it just for the sake of having something to show. Luckily, I finished a bunch of other stuff!

First off, I sewed a Clock Din patch onto a tiny hoodie for friends of ours who just had a baby

The baby daddy is a clock din member, Gord made these patches a while ago & we got the teeny tiny hoodie from American Apparel.

Babies are fun to craft for since they're so small, I made these booties in no time!

I used some brown & green DK superwash from my stash. I love how these turned out, they *almost* make me want to knit things for a baby of my own. But not really - some day I'll knit 4 of these & put them on some dag paws.

The free pattern for these little treasures can be found here. This is also the source for the awesome korknisse pattern! This woman is awesome!

And finally - this afternoon I was all about finishing the dress I started on Friday night, but when I went into the sewing room I suddenly found myself making a log cabin pillow for the living room:

Last weekend Gord had asked me to fix a couple of his shirts - they had rips in the elbows, so I turned them into short sleeves. This guy's got an exceptional selection of vintage buttondown shirts, so to toss the shirt fabric away would be a sin. I used the shirt scraps & some stuff from my stash to make this pillow.

(the orangey plaid stuff & the dark blue stuff is the shirts)
I'm deeply in love with this pillow. I followed the instructions from the Crafter's Companion
which is an awesome & inspiring book that you should go buy right now. (I pre-ordered mine & got it way back in November or December, but this is the first project I've done from the book)

I took a small break from all this crafting to see The Sea & Cake on Saturday night. Luckily, the show was across the street from my house & worth every one of the no more than 20 steps it took to get there.

I'm going to go take more drugs. Craft on!


pamela wynne said...

Those booties are SO cute!!
How did you decide what pattern to quilt the pillow in?
And how was The Sea and Cake? I saw them with Califone a few (okay, several) years ago, and remember thinking they were neat. :)

nicole said...

Bless you, Pamela for your comment. :) I just quilted around & around & around..I didn't really think about it, in fact, the book told me to do it that way.:)
And the Sea & Cake were AWESOME!dreamy!

Friender said...

the baby booties are fricking adorable. and I know. I've had two kids to knit booties for. :)