31 May 2007

Jane Doe.

Effing yes guy! Check out my sweet new socks!

I love these so much that I am currently wearing them despite the very hot & muggy conditions. These are my first official tip-toe into the world of making sock patterns & I am pleased as spiked High School dance punch with them.

mmmmm I could just die from how good that heel looks.

The first sock was the test run, the second sock is a little different since I made some fit adjustments. This means that the socks are not exact twins, but I love them like a mother would love even slightly imperfect children.

But what kind of no good mother doesn't name her child? Me, that's who. I'll try to come up with a clever name while I knit the second pair (I gotta...so that I can perfect the pattern & share it with you!)

For those who wish to know, these socks were knit using Socks That Rock in the 'Harlotty' colourway. It's totally awesome!


Michelle said...

I love 'em! Great job! Please do share the pattern!

pamela wynne said...

Love the zig zags!!

rahime said...

I'm going to be waiting impatiently for the pattern, those are CUTE!