02 May 2007

moving day.

If I ever move, this is how I'm gonna do it - by moving the WHOLE HOUSE.
Yesterday I helped Tim move his stuff out of our house (2 flights x's 2 loads) into Donald's house (1 flight x's 2 loads) then we moved Gord's stuff (3 flights) into my house (one flight) making it *our* house.
I wonder when I'll get full use of my arms & legs, because right now, it seems like the most far-fetched idea I've ever had. Luckily, the thrill of creating a *home* with the man I'm totally crazy for is helping to ease the pain. Like A5-35 for the soul!
In knitting news...I started Rusted Root from Zephrystyle 3 days ago & I'm zipping right along. There's one huge major snag - I'm knitting this because a) I love the pattern and b) I had leftovers of the Cotton Fleece I used to knit Susannah's shrug. I didn't have *quite* enough to make the sweater though, so I went to the Knit Cafe to buy supplement yarn. Then I went out with Tim to have lots of beer & nachos to say s'long to the roommate life & when we got home I started up the sweater with the new yarn I had bought. Borderline drunk & by the light of one dim lamp in the living room.
When I saw the sweater in the sober light of day I discovered that the new Cherry Moon is quite a different colour than the old cherry moon. It doesn't just look like different dye lots - it looks like two completely different colours. I'm continuing on though - I'm not sure what I'm hoping will happen - but we'll see.

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