06 May 2007

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Roof!...........Rusted!

A new sweater fell of the needles today!

'Rusted Root' by ZephyrStyle. I knit this project purely to get rid of some Cotton Fleece I had in my stash, leftover from the shrug I knit for Susannah. I needed to buy more yarn though, so I went & got 3 balls of 'Cherry Moon.' wrong dyelot, I was drunk, yadda yadda yadda, you know the rest.

I made lots of modifications to this sweater. At least, I *think* I did. I never even looked at it past page one. Basically, I read the first line where it tells you how many stitches to cast on & how to divide them & followed the lace pattern - but I never even looked at the rest of the pattern. I didn't do the puff sleeves, but if I knit it again (which I probably will, but maybe with a different lace pattern? Who knows.) I'm going to add just a bit... for some extra pa-zang.

I love how it fits - but where the new dyelot was joined in pains me. I think I'll knit a test swatch of both dyelots & do a test re-dye. The really ironic thing about this is that I bought 3 skeins of the new dyelot, hoping that with the one I already had, I'd be able to eek this sweater out (the pattern called for 5) I now have a full, untouched skein of the new dyelot left. Meaning I have what I started with. And I couldn't have knit the whole sweater in the same dyelot, and I guess I still could. Some day.

Overall, a very satisfying knit except for the horrible blaring bad bit straight across my chest.

Oh, and about my chalkboard that a couple of you were admiring; I found it in the garbage of a church about 10 years ago, and carried it home in the rain. I've always loved it, but the other day when i was looking at it against the new wall colour & my little green chair, I re-fell in love.


pamela wynne said...

This looks great! And honestly , the color line sucks, but it couldn't have happened at a better place than it did. At first, I thought i was your cami showing through!

Looking forward to the dye experiments. :)


Hey, good work with the knitting.

Check out www.livingwaters.com/good to see if you are a good person. Have a nice day!

Chrissy said...

That's a great new sweater. The color is perfect on you. Pretty in pink!

Amy said...

How pretty! And how freaking quick you knit it too! (mumbles something about being jealous of fast knitters)

Unfortunate about the color change. You know, I used some cotton fleece for my Somewhat cowl and she still bleeds dye every time I wash it. Might be worth a shot trying that to see if maybe the color bleeds out to be a bit more even.

nicole said...

Thanks! Amy, you're right - I haven't washed it or blocked it yet, so I'll see if that does anything.

Miss13 said...

Girl, you must have sold your soul for the fastest hands in Canada.
I dont know anyone who knits as fast.
I like the pattern, and I could see how you could do it without reading the pattern. It really is cute!
Congrats on the shacking up with Gord - he is a very lucky fellow!



geoff said...

it looks amazing on you!

and i like the color change.its kinda fun.

i have a lot of respect for your skillz. ive never even atempted to make more difficult than a ribbed scarf.

Gwen said...
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Gwen said...

Great sweater!! I love it!