22 May 2007

cast off, Eh!

Sorry about the title - I thought of it yesterday & decided it was too lame to keep it all to myself.

I know I'm due for a bigger update than what I'm about to give, but I wanted to post about the mail I got today! I'll update again, hopefully tomorrow with some knitting updates.

I finished my sock swap socks & sent them off today - and when I got home, the socks from my sock pal were there with the mail! Lovely!

They fit wonderfully, and are really a beautiful pair of socks. My swap pal Ann used some Cherry Tree Hill yarn in a bright orange called 'Tangerine' - this yarn feels really, really great. The beaded cuff makes them extra special - I love them!

Thanks, Ann!


Amy said...

I love how the beads nestle inside the cables. It's like wee small flowers!

shannon said...

whoa. Those are awesome!
I'm still working on knitting mine. It just seems endless....
I'm serious, I must have at least 15 hours into them!
I finally got an account so I can post comments on your blog.

vanessa said...

woah those are really nice! i have always been iffy about beaded socks but those are very tasteful.

nicole said...

I love the beads! I never really considered knitting a sock pattern with beads in it before....before NOW that is!