08 May 2007

domestication? Is that you?

I guess the best word to describe how I'm currently aiming to live is 'quaint'. I love sitting in my sunny living room thinking about what I'll make in my sunny sewing room. I love making delicious dinners with my best friend/boyfriend (the dinners are so yummy I've started taking photos. When I told Gord that I might start a food blog, he pointed out that that would put a lot of pressure on dinner...but seriously, there's some good cookin' going down - I think I'll start posting about the particularly delicious ones here.)

a cute little unidentified plant that Gord brought home for me yesterday!

I love jumpingclimbing into our extra comfy bed (we put Gord's deluxe futon between my deluxe box spring & mattress! indulgent!) I love pouring over quilt patterns & afghan patterns (I've actually started a miter square blanket, but this one makes me want to start over only using tahki cotton classic, just like in the Mason & Dixon book) & ideas for pillows & various home comforts. Spring is here, and I want to be the best me I can be. Not waste a second, spend all my time creating and crafting and idea-ing, and laughing.

I'm in LOVE with the moss that has grown in this random pot on my back porch - it's like a mini bog!

Also, I want to post way more, not wait until I only have a finished project to show off - but to *share* more. Talk about process.

And with that, I present to you a little glimpse of one completed sock swap sock. I won't show the whole thing since I'm not sure if my swap partner is lurking around, but I will say that those of you who liked the looks of the Anastasia Socks were right. This pattern is wonderful!

I've only knit 2.5 pairs of toe-up socks. I had convinced myself I didn't like it. With these, I'm ditching the magic loop, two at once technique & knitting toe up, one at a time on dpns & I'm really liking it. Also, I think I've finally found a way to cast off that creates a nice sproingy edge that doesn't cut off the circulation in my leg! Awesome!

***edited to add:
I had just posted this & then discovered I have been tagged with a meme by Shannon! (I had been tagged by Rahime a while back but couldn't think of 7 things at that time, but with my new *sharing* policy, here I go...)

1. I collect old nancy drew books, interestingly printed envelope paper (you know how on the inside of envelopes there's a printed pattern so you can't see what's inside? not sure what I'll do with it yet though) and I'm beginning a serious vintage kitchenware thing.

2. When I was a kid I had 40% hearing loss in my left ear. I am still sort of hard of hearing, I'm convinced I'll be totally deaf one day.

3. I have a secret freckle.

4. When I worked at the bookstore I memorized all the names of the dogs that used to come by with their owners. I ocassionally spot these dogs out for walks & greet the dog, not the owner, by name.

5. I pierced my own nose when I was 16.

6. I am a recovering pack rat with a dream of one day having barely any posessions.

7. I could live the rest of my life only eating peanut butter.

I'm supposed to tag 7 more people, but I'm opting not to - but if you'd like, please share!


Aryn said...

I believe that plant is a New Guinea Impatiens.

I like that sock pattern, I think I might try that one!

Jessica said...

This post makes my heart sing!
Happy times for our Nicole!

Amy said...

I love your little personal bog. It's so wee and sweet.

It must be so nice to come home and have someone you love there waiting for you, or set to arrive not long after you do. Ah, one day!

I'm glad you're happy. :)

nicole said...

Aw, thanks! And aryn, thanks for identifying the plant!
Amy, I want to transplant the little moss bog into a more attractive pot - hopefully I can do it without ruining it.