30 May 2007

sew it like it's hot

To say this is a modified version of Simplicity pattern #4111 is an understatement.

I shortened the sleeves & took out some fullness, rounded the neckline, ditched the elastic beneath the bustline, made the ties longer & wider (and still not wide enough, it seems) I added about 2" to the length & about 1" on either side to the width. I think the only part I kept the same is the top front pieces - the boob bits.

The fabric is my favourite part of the whole thing - but it was noted by some friends that its the expanse of pale white/freckley chest skin that makes the top "sizzle".

After seeing this photo, I have to wonder if its the wrinkles from being caught in the rain & then tossing the shirt to the ground that gives it that extra edge?

Good for drinkin' too!


Angela said...

Love LOVE the top.

Go you.


pamela wynne said...

I love this!! The fabric is fantastic -- what is it?

nicole said...

Thanks girls!
Pamela, I love this fabric too! I got it at Fabricland (Fabricland!) a Canadian fabric store with an amazing jingle.

shannon said...

I really need to start checking out actual patterns. That top is so awesome!