28 May 2007


I haven't done it on purpose - I didn't plan on taking a blog break or being a real slack-ass about the whole updating thing.....it just happened.

I've still been knitting, but other things are taking up my time as well. Like our new & exciting back porch container garden (a gushy post about that is forthcoming) and sewing FINALLY. I'll post about that soon as well...

Between the sewing, gardening & allergy season, I've been doing a little work on some socks.

This is some Socks that Rock in the 'Harlotty' colourway (named after the Yarn Harlot). I searched around for a good pattern but decided 'hey - why not go nuts & make up my own sock pattern?' Sometimes I can be totally unpredictable & CRAZY like that. I can't be contained.

So I got out my Vogue Stitchionaries & my perpetual 'stitch a day' calender & tried some stuff out. I knew I needed a pattern with lots of stockinette since I wanted to show off the pretty colours of this yarn. This zig-zaggy pattern was perfect, so I got to work. To my surprise the sock freaking worked....AND I love the pattern....AND it was pretty easy to knit.

I've now cast on for the second one, making some minor changes (ie: I cast on 60 stitches for the first sock but think it's a little snug, for the second one, I'm casting on 66) and making extensive notes as I go along so that I can share the pattern when I'm done.


vanessa said...

oh man, i can't wait to see the pattern written up. it looks awesome! if you want any test knitters before you release it into the wild, count me in!

Amy said...

It looks awesome!! Yay you! :)

Miss Muffy said...

I haven't updated in a besquillion years either. When good bloggers go bad! But seriously, the sock is yummy. I still can't finish my Anastasia socks and you're off making up your own!