09 June 2007

dress me up.

It's been snot central around here this whole past week. I came down with some nasty symptoms on Monday & have been struggling to feel even part-way human ever since. YUG!

This was the scene on Wednesday .....
I was off work Tuesday & Wednesday. I tried to get a little knitting in since the mercury dropped way down & I figured it was as good a time as any to make some more headway on Gord's Saddle Shoulder sweater which is 100% wool. That's a sleeve there in the photo with me.

To my amazement, the sweater is finished - and currently blocking! There's some fit issues I hope I've fixed with my 'no sissies allowed' approach to blocking... I have my fingers crossed.

This afternoon I spent some time with the dress I started last week & now it's done!

Gord took these photos while standing on a chair, so they're a little wonky & in a bunch of them I'm yawning or making some kind of face.

Anyhow, the dress is cute & I'm pretty pleased with it. It's my own pattern & looking at these photos I see a couple of places that need some tweaking, but on the whole I'd say this dress is ready for the public.
The fabric is a dream - pastel plaid seersucker! I made the obi type belt with some broadcloth from my stash - the green ties were the best I could do - but Gord suggested maybe pink would be better & I think he's right.

My favourite part, I think is the little puff cap sleeves. Will I ever get sick of puffed sleeves? Doubt it!

OH! And P.S. wtf? The last post had adorable baby booties, a baby hoodie & a log cabin pillow....and not one single comment?? *BABY BOOTIES* & no comments? What more do you people want from me?


Cabbage said...

Are you preggers?

nicole said...

Me?? Nooooo! But there's a bunch of babies around lately who need little booties....off to examine myself in this dress to see if I look pregnant.

Amy said...

whoops! I totally scuttled off to snag the bootie pattern and apparently in my eagerness to start making a pair for my old college friend forgot to come back and tell you how freakin adorable the baby stuffs were. *hangs head*

on the other hand, the dress is SUPER cute! I love that fabric you used. :)

pamela wynne said...

I already stalked the dress on Flickr -- I LOVE it! It's so well-designed, and it fits perfectly. And I'm with you on the cap/puff sleeve luv. Glad you're feeling better.

earthchick said...

SUPER-CUTE dress! I can't believe you made up the pattern yourself. Well done!