16 September 2007


Should cut off my other arm, or actually go through with knitting another sleeve?

It just kept going.....and going...and going. I've cast on for the second sleeve - I have about 2 rows of the ribbing done. I'm aiming for a completion date of Nov. 1st.

Also makes a cozy legwarmer.

Oh, and how lame of me to not link to the pattern source of the knitting bag I sewed up 2 posts back! tsk. tsk.
The lovely tutorial can be found HERE.


Miss Muffy said...

Super long sleeves are cool. You can rock the sleeves-over-your-hands like Tiffany look!

pamela wynne said...

Oh, definitely do another sleeve. I mean, you may still feel like cutting your arm off afterward, but at least you'll have a proper sweater to show for all the crazy. ;)

Miss13 said...

I vote for finishing the other sleeve. I just finished my skull sweater and need to post after blocking. I am swatching for the fitted knits vest, I am knitting after you (hoping to gain more speed to catch up ;))
Do the sleeve!!

Brenda said...

The first sleeve looks so good, I think you really must do the second. But you should also think of a suitable reward for yourself for completing the second sleeve to spur you on.

Sarah said...

Keep going, it's so worth it!

(Though I think you might be on to something with the Thermal leg warmers.)

nicole said...

You're so right...another sleeve won't kill me - it'll make me stronger! wiser! Awesomer!
And I like how you think, brenda - a reward! I need to reward myself when I'm done!

Chrissy said...

I think that contemplating limb removal is just a natural part of sleeve knitting.

Cat said...

I love that first picture--you and the sleeve look so good together. But you probably should make it a second one so it doesn't get lonely.