12 October 2007


Why is it that 4 day work weeks tend to drag on & on & on?

At least my beloved Friday is here & I can finally start looking forward to what my weekend has in store. Saturday is a work day, unfortunately, so that means a lot of standing. But after that, it's all about Thanksgiving 2.0 & getting my apartment in order. For two people who yearn for a simple lifestyle, we sure have a lot of stuff.

And speaking of stuff, I've been shelling out a whooooole lotta dough on etsy.com & have decided it's no fair to keep all my great finds to myself.

Today I am sporting this necklace I bought from Jewelry by Tara a couple of weeks ago. It translates as "I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow" I've also bought a couple of christmas presents on etsy, but everyone will just have to sit tight until after they are received.

I knit the tiniest hat ever last week:

This little hat is for Sophie, Gord's tiny new niece. She was born very prematurely last week. Of course when I found out she had been born, I went out on my lunch break & bought some needles & some Debbie Bliss 'Rialto'. When in doubt, KNIT. She's got a whole troupe of people routing for her, but judging by how fiesty she was in her incubator when we visited on Monday, I think she's going to be a little fighter.


pamela wynne said...

I bet she'll grow out of that hat in a jiffy. Awesome necklace!

Lilith Parker said...

"Moins" is "less." :)

nicole said...

i typed it out wrong - it's 'more than yesterday, less than tomorrow'