13 October 2007


So last night I finally read some of the thousands of e-mails being sent to me on a daily basis from the sockwars yahoo group seeing as the war was to begin today. Turns out, I've accidentally gone AWOL. There have been so many e-mails from the group & I've just been deleting them - which means I deleted the one about having to submit your mailing address. I am not on the final list.

To console myself, I went out & bought a drop spindle & some roving, hoping I could teach myself how to spin if I wasn't going to be knitting socks.

I didn't pay attention to the label of the roving & bought some Merino - I'm under the impression that a coarser wool would be easier to begin with, am I right?

It says 'wickede' on the label!

I tried spinning for about 3 seconds last night & when I didn't catch on immediately, I threw it down & went to sleep. I think I might sign up for a drop spindle workshop at knit cafe, or do some more reading online.

Hey - here's some simple math for you:

these: (scary steep slippery narrow wooden stairs)

plus these: (very cute but very slippery crocheted Noro slippers)

equals one heck of a fall & a body that's achy all over. My left wrist is wickede painful right now --I'm going to go find out if I can knit.


Jodi said...

What a bummer! Not the best day ever. Hopefully everything makes a turn for the better today.

Miss Muffy said...

Eek! Hope your knitting wrist is okay!

I took a drop spindle class and it was awkward and slow and my yarn turned out crappy. I think I might like wheel spinning, but that spindle business? Pheh! Maybe you'll have better luck than me!

Miss13 said...

Oh no!
That's so awful, I hope you are okay.
Let us know you are doing alright. The good side is you didn't break your neck! You need some tread on those adorable slippers. Be careful from now on! (mommy tone over)

hugs and no owie wishes