08 November 2007

Day 2.

Gord started chemo on Tuesday - and technically, they call that day zero.

We have a list of all the days (28 of them) & what drugs he'll be getting on which days - with two sneaky "L.P"s listed in there (Lumbar Punctures). The chart looks so. long. He was feeling no side effects up until today - which was filled with dizzy spells, leg pain, extreme headache - I wrote down all the names of the drugs so I can research them & try to be a little bit prepared for what they might do to him.

My schedule is so topsy turvey. I get up, shower, go to work, go to the hospital, come home, make a few phone calls & go to sleep so I can do the same thing the next day. Things like grocery shopping or laundry are falling by the way-side - which is why it's so amazing to have such awesome friends. Three times now I've come home to care packages left by various thoughtful friends - food, (tonight I came home to lovely vegetarian chili made by Mary, and the other night was some deli counter favourites left by Andrea & Dave) wine, chocolate, care packages for Gord (Thanks Emily, Dave, Avril & Frank!) and even some extremely thoughtful snail mail (Thanks Geoffrey!) And last night many, many DVDs were dropped off to keep Gord occupied while he's in the hospital. It all goes so far in reminding me that although this has been a very hard & lonely 2 weeks - mostly spent at the hospital, Gord & I are not alone in this. Nowhere near to it.

I've been self medicating quite a bit - mostly with online retail therapy. Yesterday I bought a Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm CSA share! I'm incredibly excited about this! I think it's an absolutely fantastic idea - and I think you should buy a share too.

That's going to be my wool one day!


Farrah said...

I hope this isn't strange because we don't know each other...but I found your blog through ravelry and just wanted to throw some support your way. I worked in the oncology unit at a children's hospital and I have seen how being a family member of someone going through chemo is absolutely world-altering. Good luck through this- you sound like you have fantastic support in your friends.

Miss Muffy said...

Dang! How dare they sully the term "L.P."! Hope this process goes as painlessly as possible. You're handling it so well! Buy yourself whatever you want - you deserve it!

pamela wynne said...

such good friends you have! take care. & I'm going to email you re: LPs. I have a feeling lots of my comments in the near future will including "I'm gonna email you now." ;)

craft_addict said...

I also don't know you, but my friend found your blog online and I read too. I also wanted to give my support here. It seems like you have a lot already (very awesome) but it never hurts to have more you didn't even know was there. Stay strong and keep knitting!