14 November 2007

Day 8.

Gord's numbers are going low low & lower. He's now neutropenic which means he's super highly susceptible to infection & sickness. I wash my hands about 15 times a day (I'm not even joking.) Seriously - my kingdom for an intensive hand moisturizer. But I don't mind. Not *really*.

He's currently on Day 8 of his 28 days of chemo. So far, I'd say things are going pretty well. He's up & walking quite a bit, his appetite is HUGE (despite the limited & very crappy food he's allowed) and the side effects are pretty manageable. He's been sick to his stomach a couple of times & has become very light-sensitive, but on the whole, I'd say he's doing pretty good. At least his headaches are starting to go away. He's been meeting & talking to some people on his floor, which helps a lot. Everyone has a lot of good insight & there's some pretty inspirational people there.

And speaking of inspiration, did you know it comes in pint-sized babies? It does. Gord's tiny, tiny preemie niece Sophie has been such a ray of sunshine in all of this, and you can read all about her progress on the blog her parents have started! WARNING: Kleenex is a good idea.
Who would ever think that she would have so much in common with her Uncle Gord!

Thanks everyone, for your comments & your e-mails & phone calls. I may not get a chance to get back to you straight-away, but I really, really appreciate the kindness & thoughtfulness that has been showered upon both Gord & I. *Thank You.*

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Brenda said...

Hi Nicole - found you over on Ravelry and few weeks ago and really enjoyed 'snooping' through you blog. Dropped in today to find out about Gord. So sorry to hear you guys have to go through this... sending you good vibes and strength!

Brenda in Toronto