05 November 2007

the new normal.

Gord starts his chemo tomorrow. For the past week I've just been staring at him - his arms, his legs, his face. trying to see it. How can he be sick? He's still so strong.

I've learned so much this past week - about Gord, about myself, and especially about us together, as a unit - as a team. I'm also learning other things, like how to properly wash my hands, what food Gord can & can't have, what Leukemia does to a person's blood, and what chemotherapy does to a person's body.

It's heavy - and I'm surprised by how easily I've slipped into the role of information retainer/relayer, as caretaker, as prescription filler, as The Strong One, or, as I said to some friends in an e-mail the Lovely Elizabeth to Gord's Macho Man Randy Savage.

I've been knitting a lot. mostly stuff for work (gasp! *swoon!*) but last week I finally got to the sleeve decreases on the second Thermal sleeve. That sweater is going down this weekend.

Words can't express how thankful I am to all the people who have reached out to Gord & I. It means so much to us to have such an amazing back up crew - I really believe it will help Gord to recover quickly & fully. Thank You.


Lorraine said...

Words can't express how thankful I am that Gord has you.

I can't wait to see Gord break a folding chair over cancer's head and then put you over his shoulder and walk out of the arena.

we love you both.

Simon said...

Christ, this'll teach me not to check your blog for a couple weeks. Anyways Nicole, I'm terribly sorry to hear about this and wish the both of you all the best in beating it. Everything else aside, Gord's a lucky man to have you on his side and by his side.

geoff said...

simon is right. gord is lucky to have you.

im really excited to see the Thermal sweater finished. it looks like it is going to be super cute (a term i stole from my nephew when he was like 4)

pamela wynne said...

Dude. This so sucks. I'm emailing you. Right now.

Jenny said...

I'm a lurker here, but this is a time when communities like this need to come together. You and Gord are in my thoughts, and I, like you, truly believe that positive thought can bring positive results. Stay strong, and take care of yourself, so you can better take care of Gord.