20 January 2008


A new sweater!

Cabled yoke sweater named 'Carmella's Cardigan' from an up-coming Patons 'Up-side Downers' book.

I knit this for work, but I get to keep it. A pretty sweet deal, I think. This is made with Patons Shetland Chunky 'Rich Teal.' I really like this yarn. It's mainly acrylic, with a little bit of wool, but it's soft & machine washable. The only downside? This particular colour turned my bamboo needles blue-ish.

The fit is good, but I couldn't get any good pictures of me in it. Also, I tend to finish sweaters on Sundays - the day I hardly ever make it into the shower. My Judy is much nicer to look at.

There was one fit issue, but it was my fault.

I was picking up stitches along the top for the collar - when I got to the right side, I started to panic because I hadn't picked up enough & I was running out of space - so I over compensated on that one side. Such a dumb mistake since I could have just picked up less but what can you do?

I ran a piece of yarn through some sticthes on that side of the collar, and pulled it until it was flat like the other side.


I'm thinking I just need to buy bigger buttons & this is good to go.

Now onto my cabled yoke


Anonymous said...

I like it especially the colour!

Julia said...

Me too - I love a colour that looks like I already spilled red wine on myself. It looks very cushy and comfy. Now where do I sign up to knit for a living?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cardigan!

sue said...

Yes I agree, a gorgeous cardigan.

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