13 January 2008

when bad dye lots happen to good people.

Last week I decided I'd start knitting socks chronologically -- starting with the oldest sock yarn in my stash. Considering I only started knitting socks about 2 years ago, it's not terribly old stuff & I still like most of it. First up was some DGB self striping I bought on clearance at Romni about a year & a half ago. The colours are cute & I used DGB for the very first pair of socks I ever knit & they are still awesome & hole-free.

Everything was cool until I got to a couple of yucky bits in the peach stripe. It just got worse, but I was on the bus on my way home & it was all I had to keep me sane. (If you've ever ridden the Dufferin bus in Toronto, you'll understand what I mean.) So I kept going & the yuckiness just kept getting worse.

The stripe closest to the needles is supposed to be the same mauve-y colour as the ones that come before it. What it is though, is a drabby substitute. I can see that things get back to normal with the colours a couple of yards ahead - I will rip back & fix it. woe.

In knitting victory, super cute baby chucks!

I used this pattern, I knit these with Patons kroy sock yarn in black & white, and used size 2 needles. The pattern calls for worsted weight, but the recipient has particularly tiny feets.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of knitting in chronological order. However I don't think I'm organized enough to remember what came first. :)

Cute baby Chucks too.

Julia said...

The Dufferin bus is for only the bravest of souls. I personally call it the "Sufferin" bus.
Nice chucks!

amy said...

hey awesome, you are awesome. i am looking at stuff you've made lately and dr00ling. also, your hair looks amazing and YOU ARE NOT A SMOKER. haps new year.