22 January 2008

G-Unit, another year of excellence.

Today is Gord's Birthday!

I got the day off work (!!!) & we ended up having a fantastic day!

Woke up & put on my shirt..
(Note to iron-on letter manufacturers: please include more than one 'R' per package. Having only the one meant I had to go for old-fashioned 'Gords Gal' rather than today's hip & edgey sounding 'Gords Girl'.)

We put on our winter boots...

so cozy.

And headed up for some delicious Birthday Breakfast


My original plan was to go up the CN Tower, but it was really cloudy & snowy today so we axed that idea & just took a really, really long & round-about streetcar ride to the PowerPlant.

I go nutso for the TTC font.

Check out that knit Cobra! Steven Shearer at the PowerPlant.

There was also a great piece about the AIDS quilt - some panels from the quilt are there, with a documentary on how the quilt blocks are curated & stored. Pretty interesting.

We headed home & snuggled up on the couch to watch some Deadwood.

The couple that wears handknit socks together, stays together.

Lastly, we ordered up some Indian Take out

I'd say that it was definitely one of the most enjoyable days we've spent together in a long, long time - and a super way to celebrate my most favourite person ever.

(As a quick update, Gord is now in remission & going through his next stage of chemo - it's long (30 weeks) & tiring, but he's doing well - the fact that we spent his birthday outside, around town, riding the subway & streetcars is just totally amazing to me. Today, his birthday - felt *so* far away in October when he was diagnosed & this afternoon as we rode past the hospital we both remarked about how even though it was only 3 months ago that our whole lives changed, it feels like a whole lifetime ago. The time just keeps going by. We've been so lucky in all of this - thank you for thinking of us.)


krk said...

you are both looking good!
i LOVE the ttc font too! i've been thinking of getting it tattooed on me, i love typography.

happy birthday gord!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps this is kitchen on G*

Anonymous said...

What a great day. Happy birthday Gord, fellow Aquarius!

elizabeth said...

What a fabulous day! Happy b'day to Gord!

elizabeth said...

Oh wait - what's the deal with the guy dressed like Ace Freely?

Brenda in Toronto said...

happy b-day gord!!

snoopy said...

Yay! Sounds like a lovely birthday.

I'm happy to know there are other crafty font geeks out there too.

Happy Birthday, Gord!

Simon said...

Happy belated birthday to Gord-- and the very best wishes to both of you, of course! I'll be back home in a week, so I'm kinda thinking some drinks will be order sooner rather than later, no?

Julia said...

Happy belated Gord! Aquarians rock!

As for the font (which I also love), it was created just for the Toronto subway:


Hey - that OCAD typography class finally came in handy!

The Nutritionista said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great day.
Happy happy happy happy birthday!

geoff said...

i'm a little late but:

Happy Birthday Gord!

Leslie from Goodcrafternoon.com said...

Hurrah for awesome birthdays that are filled with hand knit socks and good Indian food!

And here's to many more!

- Leslie@goodcrafternoon.com

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for a You Make My Day Award! Because you do!