28 October 2006

cozy little me.

About a month ago I started knitting the sweater of many buttons. I shut my eyes & ears to the piles of christmas gift knitting/sewing I had on my list & allowed myself this project. I don't have a big warm wooly sweater & I felt I deserved one. A cardigan. In a colour I'd probably never think about.

It's done now, and dudes...I *love* it.

A top down raglan cardigan with assymetrical buttons. I used Lamb's Pride Bulky in a delicious colour 'Heirloom Blue' - I love the colour - but holy moley the mohair in this stuff is very fuzzy. I don't think I mind though.

Okay - so I started this about a month ago, knit it mostly on my lunch hour at work & finished it up on Wednesday. I rushed home from work, soaked it, laid it down to block & now it is Saturday & it is still damp. I'm wearing it, hoping my body heat will help it to dry quicker.

I am a bad blogger, but a good knitter - as proof, here is another completed christmas knit:

my first ever toe-up socks, knit 2 at a time using the magic loop method. I'm not sure I'm sold on the toe-up thing, I miss the heel flap that top down has...but magic loop sure was handy for matching those stripes, I really doubt I'd have been able to get those tiny stripes to match up so well if I'd knit them one at a time.

I used Regia Silk Colours for these & while the yarn is super soft, perfect for my mother who doesn't like wool right next to her skin, the colour saturation was a continual disappointment to me. I'd use Regia Silk again, but maybe the solid colour stuff. I just hope they wash okay. I read somewhere that this stuff shrinks a little in the wash.

more soon, since I have a bunch of *almost* completed projects elbowing their way to the finish line.


Anonymous said...

The cardigan looks fabulous! i saw this pattern on craftster some time ago and have been meaning to start it. how many stitches did you cast on? (i have a similar body type, and i love the way your sweater fits.)

nicole said...

Heya! I cast on the same number of stitches the pattern calls for, but the beauty of the top down raglan is that you just keep increasing until it fits! I don't remember how many increases I did, I just kept trying it on to see if it was the right size. It's a fun & satisfying knit! and so warm!