03 October 2006

of rutabagas, parsnips & Gary Oldman

Just so you know, I tried several photos before settling on one I took about 3 minutes before I loaded into the site & every single one of them came up with Gary Oldman as my highest celebrity face match. I just hope that now when people describe me to others they say "Oh, you totally know Nicole - she looks just like Gary Oldman!" Nana Mouskouri comes as no big surprise since even my own mother used to call me Nana when I switched to plastic frames.

Good news! I've finished the back & both fronts of the Ivy sweater! Here they are pinned to my Judy!
The bad news? All the pieces are slightly different lengths. This is for sure an error brought on by my choice of nighttime unwinding activities & not a pattern error. It's nothing I can't fix but it will require patience - something I have in very small doses. I cast on last night for the sleeves... I'm knitting both of them at the same time to prevent any more wonkiness. When this sweater is done I'll be halfway through my christmas crafting. And just in case you think it's crazy that I started in May, why not go here and see how much time you have to procrastinate before Santa comes? To help me with this intense crafting season, I've hit an all time high in my own personal nerdom. I printed out calendars from October to December & created crafting timelines for all my projects. I'm one of those people that has a million ideas - a billion awesome things going through my mind but an inability to just *start* - so far, this set up is helping me out a lot. Oh! On Sunday I bought my first Rutabaga! And my first Parsnips! And I made stew! With Herb dumplings! (also a first!) It was delicious - I took photos.
Me trying to figure out the rutabaga:
The stew! With dumplings! Dumplings are just big blobs of flour & vegetable shortening!
And Gord brought some delicious Pasteis de nata and we tried to take artsy fartsy photos of them with only a little success.
Doesn't Fiestaware make everything look lovely?


Sarah and Jack said...

MMMM, I love me some parsnips. They are also really good roasted. I need some lunch now!

lorran said...

I'm 67% Jack Osbourne.
Nice - I thought I would come up as Bruce Villanch.

nicole said...

I'm not sure I know who Bruce Vilanch is? OH! wait...I just did a google search & I totally know who that guy is. The world needs more Bruce Vilanch types!