15 October 2006


Last week was Canadian Thanksgiving - and the first time I've made it home for the holiday in a couple of years. It was lovely - some of the highlights being that I *finally* got to go to the Needle Emporium in Ancaster & snoop around the place. It's a really great store & I scored some sock yarn I'd never seen before.

My parents are really truly lovely people - I adore them, but I do not love Robin Williams. I was not forced, but rather...encouraged to sit down & watch 'RV' with them.

Which is when I got to work on knitting some of the yarn I had bought earlier that day into socks for Gord.(who is not on my craft calendar at this time - but my father is. And he was sitting very close to me.) Unsure of Robin Williams' ability to captivate my father enough so that he wouldn't notice I was making his christmas gift, I opted to just make something else. Maybe it's Mr. Mork's comedy stylings, but something made me knit like my hands were on fire & before I knew it I had the first sock almost complete. Please note - knitting at high speeds during a movie like this does not make the film any less bad.

In the morning I indulged in their Satellite tv to catch the Coronation Street Omnibus *2 1/2 times* in a row. I loved every minute of it, I said I loved every minute of it (that's my Fred immitation, it sounds better than it reads) By the end of it all, I was done the sock. A personal record.

Then I took a shower, got dressed & noticed my mother was outside....raking the millions of leaves they had on their front lawn all by herself. I went out to ask if she needed a hand & when she said she did, the idea of taking of my sweater crossed my mind - but not for long & before I knew it I was making jolly huge piles of leaves & taking cute snapshots of their effing amazing dog:

OMG! Couldn't you just eat her up with some jam & a scone & some tea?

The Thanksgiving sun shone down on us & I did more yard work that I had been called upon to do in the last 10 years. It felt good - even if I did do the most baddest job ever. (It was hot! I was wearing a cashmere sweater! I was *raking*)

After the lawn was (sorta) tidy my mother added the last dash of suburban Thanksgivingery to the front of their house:

(notice there's still tons of leaves on the lawn)

With the cardburkey in the Cardboven, the house smelled fantastic & soon the house was filled with my sister, brother in-law & my adorable nephew, Nolan. Lots of reasons to give thanks.

And here are the finished socks!


Sarah and Jack said...

Hey, those socks look great!

Sean Carter said...

Nice pics and the socks look really whacky!!!!you can find similar cool stuff at this Thanksgiving Blog I found it amazing...do check it out for awesome ideas.

Miss13 said...

Hooray for a speed record of socks ! Damn girl, you are making me think I am super slow !!! Either way, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and hooray for the foliage pictures. I haven't seen the leaves turn since 1991, and i miss it. Enjoy the season and keep posting !



knittykat said...

Happy thanksgiving and really nice socks! That puppy is soooo cute, he looks just like my aunt's dog Pixie :)