06 October 2006

Only my therapist knows.....

I've been trying my best to be diligent about throwing old stuff away. Getting rid of clutter. Only bringing things into my house that I *need*. But it's hard. I come from a long line of stashers - You can't just shake your habits that easily. It's my nature!

But lately I've been looking around my place...realizing that I've lived here for almost 10 years (!!!!) & it doesn't say *home* to me. I want it to be a comfortable, stylish place that makes me happy. And so enters....... Apartment Therapy.

The 8 week AT Home cure online course starts now & I couldn't be more stoked. I even got my copy of the AT book from my great interweb pal Amber yesterday!

So this is week one & I'm going to be putting most of my focus on the Living Room & my bedroom. My bedroom has recently been painted (the most lovely colour in all the land! Limesickle!) & it doesn't need *all* that much work, just some help in the getting rid of books & CDs category..... I wonder if the Apartment Therapy has a chapter on when you have something living in your walls?

In other great books news, I pre-ordered my copy of Crafter's Companion the other day & I'm so so so excited to get it in the mail!

A lot of my favourite bloggers are in it & the projects look super! I caaaaaaaaaanot WAIT for it to appear in my mailbox!

Oh, and for those of you with short term memory & who may have already forgotten about how just paragraphs ago I said I was trying to de-clutter & de-stash & make my life a more simple & serene one, good - You'll be happy to know that I've very recently been bitten by the cutest little quilting bug & have officially allowed myself to start a stash of cute fabrics. Luckily, I was over on Repodepot & discovered they have added lots of stuff to their sale section. mmm! I was already going to this (which is unfortunately not on sale):

so why not throw some other stuff in as well?
like this:

or this:

or this!


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Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, I love the dots! I just bought a 1/2 yard of something similar at Hancocks.