26 August 2007



My Road to Golden sweater is done! And I've got a big huge crush on it!

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm! I can't even wait for the weather to get a bit cooler so I can wear this thing 24-7.

(Okay, so last night it was my awesome friend's awesome birthday party & she celebrated with a keg & I'm feeling pretty rough today which is why these pictures of me look so.....scowly/weird)

I changed the colour a tiny bit. I took out the red & used some dark purple instead. I'm really happy with how these colours look together.

I used mostly ella rae classic wool, the yellow bits are paton classic merino & the light purple is Galway. I have about 3 unused balls of yarn which is good because I can take them back & get yarn for my next project.

this was a super fun knit, however there is an error in the pattern as it is written when it comes to the final neck stitch count. Apparently this will be posted on the Knitscene website. (The wonder that is Ravelry allowed me to check up on this pattern & that's how I know. Thanks Ravelry!)

Now back to those Thermal sleeves...


Amy said...

Oh, Nicole, it's so gorgeous on you! And you finished it wickedly fast. I see another addition to my Ravely queue here in a minute! ;)

Funessa said...

!!! The sweater looks amazing! I can't believe, with all the projects you have going, that you finished it SO FAST!

I was also going to comment on your last post that I'm so jealous that you're all inspired by the fall knits. I have not been so lucky... but I'm also freaking out about Christmas gifts, instead of concentrating on knitting some good stuff for myself.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what fall sweaters you churn out. :)


Bean said...

Hi Nicole -

I've been lurking around your blog for a little while - it's one of my favorites, I'm always in awe of the things you create, and you never fail to crack me up - but I'm always a little shy about leaving a comment. But dang!, this sweater is so gorgeous, and so beautiful on you, I had to delurk myself! It's just perfect! I like your color combo better and, even though I'd filed this project away for one day when I'm a more experienced knitter, you've inspired me to move it up the list.

Wow, I can't wait to see what you do next!

- Julie

Michelle said...

Wow! Your sweater is awesome! I like your colour combo better than the original. Looks cute one you!

Miss Muffy said...

Okay, now you're just making me angry. How do you knit so freakin' fast, lady? You're like some kinda knitting super-hero! Like a mutant from x-men with super-human knitting skills! Gaaahhhhh!

Oh, and it's beautiful by the way.

nicole said...

Thanks everybody!

I don't *feel* like a fast knitter (cough*thermal*cough) but I'm flattered that you all think I am. Really, I was just so into this sweater that it whipped up super-speedy.

Miss13 said...

It's gorgeous! The fit is perfect and the color combination is really so very pretty. Girl you will just have to tell the truth - little elves make the sweaters while you sleep.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, (hugsssssssssssss)


Norfolk Craft Mafia said...

It looks soooooo good! I'm seriously impressed!


Cat said...

*love* it!

nicole said...

Thanks so much everyone! Now I'm regretting not brushing my hair before I got Gord to take pictures!

Reckless Glue said...

bootiful! mine's done too, but I still need to get some buttons...
yours looks great :)

Kate O. said...

Wow. That sweater is too beautiful! So jealous... and now I hate you. 8[

nena said...


I've just started knitting this sweater (it's my first ever...might be a bit to complicated for me, but oh well)

I'm having trouble understanding some of the instructions for the body of the sweater.

After you have joined the 2 pieces, I get lost. What does it mean to: beg 5 sts past beg-of-round-m? Are you supposed to slip 5 stitches over and then pearl the next 5 stitches then knit 70?

I'd really appreciate the help!

Your sweater looks awesome by the way.