10 August 2007

Scoop, there it is.

As much as I just wanted to forget about the crap-ass neckline of my Thermal sweater & move on, I knew that I *had* to fix it. After all "Whatever can be fixed, must be fixed" right?

And thank God I did. The neckline now is the stuff dreams are made of (for people like me, anyway). I think my initial mistake was that I didn't pick up nearly enough stitches. Especially around the curvy scoopy corners. Now - if only the knit faerie would visit while I'm sleeping & finish off those pesky sleeves.

And here, just because I'm mass suffering from craft ADD & I can't seem to stop buying yarn & then if that yarn is sitting in a box or a bag, I can't seem to not cast it on my needles for the intended project -- here is my progress on my Road to Golden sweater. I switched up some of the colours & I'm pretty excited about it. I took this picture quickly before I left for work this morning, but you get the idea. The delicious, delicious idea.

1 comment:

Miss13 said...

You are bionic.
Know it, I am so dwarfed by your skills!
How on earth do you knit in multiple colors with such ease?
One of these days i am going to suck out your secret techniques ^_^